LuminaTwirl - LED Twirl Stick


Twirling and cheerleader light stick with 12 LEDs that leave multicolored light trails in the air while twirling.
The LED batteries are recharged via micro USB cables (included) No need to change the batteries!
Many adjustable lighting modes to match the stick to your costume or team colors.

Slightly lighter than a traditional steel pole, but with more weight at the ends for greater rotational inertia.

Comes with our industry-leading lifetime warranty on all parts.

Construction :
- Lightweight, rigid 12mm diameter carbon fiber.
- The soft silicone “flowcap” secures your lights in the blink of an eye.
- Virtually bulletproof polycarbonate tubes house the lights.
- Translucent ABS compression connectors create a strong connection between tubes and shaft.

Size (cm)

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