Kamaleon Full Color Stick 11mm


Standard model widely used in solo and team .

Star-shaped tip for the ball. Dimensions from 55cm to 80cm.

Twirling Kamaleon stick, professional balancing by Star Line Batons, with Starlet shaft, colored tips in exclusive anti-rolling design, Made in Italy tips, colored stick mm. 11 (7/16") Ideal model for groups of Majorettes wishing to match the color of their baton and their uniform. This lighter model is well suited for beginner and Intermediate level majorettes and twirlers.

  • White/Fashion White
  • Pink/Candy Pink
  • Purple/Fairy purple
  • Light blue/Baby blue
  • Dark blue Deep blue
  • Vertclair/Applegreen
  • Vert pré/Junglegreen
  • Yellow/Crazy Yellow
  • orange/spicy orange
  • Red/Latin red
  • Gray / Smokey gray
  • Black / Power Black

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