3 color personalized pompom


Pompoms in your colors

Pompom to personalize according to your wishes, with possible mix of materials (click on 'Personalize'). Also available in 2 colors, see the product 'Personalized pompom 2 colors'

Ultra light model, metal slats 2 cm wide , suitable for dancing or cheerleading.

Catches the light and is ideal for waves and other choreographed visual effects.

  • Ball shape for the 10'', 8'' and 6'', more elongated shape for the 4''
  • Stick handle inside - for a hidden hand effect - equipped with an elastic band that allows the hand to slip
  • Available in 4 sizes: 4'', 6'', 8'' or 10''

The price indicated is that of a pompom.

Time limit

Personalized pompom on order: allow 3 to 5 weeks from receipt of payment.

Size (evolutionary price depending on the size chosen)
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ATTENTION: The price indicated is that of a single pompom
Merci de faire la personnalisation pour ajouter au panier
Read the 'delay' insert above before ordering